Notebooks Between You

They say my smile is nice but freeze similar to ice whenever I speak bluntly

My peace is flexible defecting programming abruptly my greatest fear is walking on water alone

Lyrical layman entering open-minded zones not popular far from a star wars zone deny revenge of the clones.

Student of human behavior as well as energy sending me false readings will be discovered eventually it’s part of my purpose

Seemingly inept on the surface underneath trees expand depressed discarded humans can view several bands under skin

Belief and emotion with dedication built-in for the win however gatekeepers block then call thinking for self sin

I exhale smoke.

I wanted to be closer, closer to everyone but instead,

I’m far off with flames in my head,

Notebooks between us translating,

You’ve been waiting so here I am.

They always ask for a personal portrait walking out of the studio without viewing mine selfish ass minds assertive in my no times

Cut wrists, black lungs, yellow teeth, dying eyes, suicidal demon assigned for the ride, can’t run from yourself, cannot hide

Tried unfortunately surprised when positivity couldn’t defeat pessimism lesson here is I know nothing of what I know

Secretive even within my secrets so whenever they box this up I can’t hear it smile playing dumb until I’m done drop still waters like Maxine on everyone.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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