Guitar Missing A String

Faults gathered in black saying goodbye as I finally admit absence, no reason for a continuance in this matter whenever I aim with greatness pain splatters

Fucking up on all levels stretching inevitably in ripped skin around my wrist again searching for good only finding empty bins

Needles no but plentyful describing red pen marks on my human record, it’s embarrassing frying self control sizzles, burned a lot wish it was a little or none

Cursing billions of dead stars saying I’m done.


I don’t love you anymore shown through their actions my reaction is avoiding eye contact while my tongue lusts for fighting back

Hidden sour thoughts oozing within lava poison infested acid words, victims digested verbally after a bitter fire

Empty face stripped of desire when I dreamed they laughed but I continued still I don’t believe in such an emotionally ruled venue

Errors gathered in bundles, fabric woven with successes, feet wrapped with courage, eyes unsure, damn second guesses

Pressure for paper, digital balances, scale malfunction causes heart callouses

No mansion, it’s cognitive behavioral therapy if I hit a jackpot.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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