The C Of U

Beautiful structures filled with potential dragged down by anger weighted heads.

Safe castle walls in mind peeling back memories and misidentifying potholes, memory erosion.

This is as complicated asinine shit to stay in, this, trickery for greed and labor programming corrupted sources drank.

Social anxiety in anyone unsure why it’s lies instead of eyes seen right through patterns, scared feeling the unfriendly energy.

I see you. I see you.

We see you. We see you.


Desperate acts so you know it’s now or nevermind I found something shiny today.

Damn, guess I can’t ignore the scripts used. Slammed, flipped, or whatever stirs our desires, fifty pounds of sugar in every deceptive dish served hand over heart.

Wallpaper after wallpaper of propaganda juice for all with the loudest supported by amen to brawls without critical thinking.

We see you. We see you.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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