Changed Doors But Old Locks

Don’t message or leave notes on my door,

Nothing left to say after our last goodbye,

Is let’s be friends a joke,

We were, and look how it turned out,

Be on your way somewhere else.


After the silence and pain, now you want to talk,

Bullshit like I don’t know what happened, you’re comfortable completely lost,

Oh well you did this, that’s why I broke your trust,

Sign me up for for another round please, oh hell yes please!


Misplaced faith.


Always be a reason to stray,

Always good reasons to stay or leave,

Lukewarm people sour my stomach,

Always a reason to be disrespectful,

We have unlimited reasons,

Which do you hold in your dreams, necklace kissing neck,

Oh are you flirting with air again, whispering take me anywhere but where I am?


Doesn’t matter NOW

Doesn’t matter to me

Misplaced faith.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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