Increased Production

Walk away if you want but understand I’m tired of being dull, can’t cut these excuses

Beautiful, friendly, excuses willing to stay if I ask them within emotionally charged pleas

Please let me feel justified sinking blaming anyone not me, hey it’s the world’s fault I sleep instead of fight, it isn’t right

Alertness. Try to stay awake.

Whisper it inside whenever I grab a razor can’t die, haven’t exhausted my strength, just needed to vent through my veins

Forgot silence does the same, critical thinking instead of insanity versus sane, what good is an unmoving train, uninvited outside well from inside I’ll live no refrain

Pissing on my pillow so I won’t lay down, time to wake up spiritual alarm volume increasing, I’ve already been dead, completed decreasing suffering deletion.

Alertness. Go even while I’m tired.

Force my change via interactive desire.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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