Over Bagels

Entry under pressure, incredible measures to withstand doubt while standing up for relevance, far from abundance

Blunt or two within reason to travel outside boxes and spheres, can’t restrict me once I’m near free thinking thoughts sparked dialogue

Pretty background music exploring creativity within honest, honestly, gifted more than one arc, seen time freeze and stop

Top shown to humble researchers researching advancement while self-righteous bicker bitterly beyond sight, unable to see past anger, denied flight

I feel alive in instrumentals kissing microphones in love with musical accompaniment to poetry, know it’s me, freestyling while we sip tea exploring planets

Mary Jane never ever behaves, interesting higher traveling waves, see differently within days, up to you if it’ll stay past opening sways valley flower

You are the greater power when equipped ready to refuse red flashes as the temporary illusion passes, trash it.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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