Garbage Post: Four Weeks Of Wet Eyes

Boring to you

Is someone else’s excitement,

And I truly wish

Affectionate times will come,

Can I explain what I feel

Wanted to write a letter,

Told myself it doesn’t matter

Total loss,

Who am I

What’s my voice

Compatibility is rare


If not I can’t stay.

Swear issues are festering

My tongue quiet

Told no lover can love enough

Stunned and saddened

Barely acceptable speech

Breaking rules looking


Explains this current situation

But I don’t want to believe it

These days I’m finally able to receive it

Bad news

Release hands I never wanted to leave

Commitment to maybe

Um we’ll see

Drunk and passed out on my side of the bed

My cover on the floor

No room to lay down after work

Priorities and choices

Finally I’ve noticed

Can’t make anyone stay focused

Writing letters then introduction to our dumpster, I’ve already lost, I feel the chills, wish I could drink, where are sedating pills

Knowing better but burned by feels, sealed into a tomb named uncertainty, should have been more flashy, fuck it she would still consider me trashy

From strangers, to friends, to best friends onto lovers, back to unknown character unlocked, oh how my mouth dropped

Watch your name washed away by a gentle rain unable to sleep eat or do anything

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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