Dawn With Dawn

Quickly before the morning

Outside yawning

Planning a rest area

Smoking to enhance playlists

Bonus given as a kiss what’s important

Spending time together or how it’s spent

I love your inner world

Hurry before the morning

Sneak and tell me I’m important

I’m hungry and thirsty

Currently unfed

Zombie love left for dead

Introduce me to your bed

Dead end roads piss us off

Her eyes so beautiful and body soft

Surely you get my needs

In return loyalty with jokes filled with cheese

At ease very calm

I’m alive with you therefore I’ll bless the air with Psalms

Special Sundays like Palm

Ring an alarm for inner beauty

Silly talk and dances hey cutie

Quickly before morning

View my goofiness and attention

A new era yes age as we grow smarter than yesterday

Universe inside you and me so let’s play.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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