Taste Time!


If I cannot get away I’ll push you across dry eyes to somewhere we’ve never been just look at the concentration in my face,

Here’s a little taste.


Imagine good parts but no you rather use these learning times as an excuse to be a victim and I know how that is I’m a general of general disaster.


If little pebbles break our feet how can we ever hope to travel upwards,

If confrontation and conversations about changes pisses us off,

Our hearts aren’t soft.


Something is wrong and I will figure out if we can fix it or turn around,

After all this time we’ve just started walking and is it seriously too much?


Affectionately saying affection is stupid,

Lovingly masturbating while the other goes hungry,

Say I’m a brick wall but I’ve got nothing on you honey.


Here’s a little taste.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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