Second Bridge

Perfection isn’t here and I already know

Wrote so many suicide letters almost had a book to go

Therefore when you say I’m asking too much

I think back to when we tried working

Before the hidden sleeping pills and tears

She asking why there’s so many empty bags of weed

Doesn’t matter already tired of construction

Asking where the money went

I got a check while she got free time spent


The little and big problems come

See I just need a lover who won’t run

A lover who can see promised lands like me

Someone who understands I’m a little different in what I can see

If I tell you the future will you change

Of course not so I don’t say a damn thing

Let it play out.


I’m not asking or expecting perfection

Demanding order or lessons

Controlling you isn’t my style

I want to be wanted frown or smile

If reading my shit pulls triggers

Perhaps we should go over our figures.


Tonight I’ve seen a sample of my worth

Concluded my love is worthy of birth

Newborn best of you and I

Or why waste time if we’re not going to try

So many gifts are waiting but I don’t know if I should give any

You’re not the kind to stick around

I knew it but had to try but currently morale is down

Guess it’s no mystery no surprise

My love flowers she’ll just watch die.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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