Sarah’s Sneak Attempt

Watching from a far, I know you’re checking for secret places to travel without anyone knowing

Why pick me, your tests will find me stable, unwilling to submit to your thirsty inquiries.

You don’t love me but you are curious

There’s nothing new I’m willing to show you

I’m not going to be your temporary light source

Blown out at daybreak.

Even if my home was lonely you cannot convince me that you care enough to stay by my side

Sure you’re sexy so easy on the lust, I bet you taste delicious but I’ll never find out I’m sorry.

Go away with these, horny expeditions, these, slick inquiries to see if I’ll settle for your mediocrity

Love isn’t, taking care of you while you watch me suffer through public beatings.

You don’t love me you’re, curious if I’m willing to, pretend I don’t know you’re never going to be, loyal or stable

Regardless I’m unwilling, unable, to fix your problems.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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