Garbage Post: We Rot Away In Sorrow

No longer the same, she storms out of our room annoyed

I don’t even get upset, just wonder when we left

Don’t mention anything because she’ll say it’s all justified

He’s a sinner shouted, justification approved in her knife attacks on me

Hidden plans ripped and thrown away, placed in the bottom of new trash bags

I’ve turned from loved to weak, beloved home to just the place where she sleeps

I weep not for our relationship but how I didn’t see the transformation.


Silently became the most hated

Any and all hope for us deflated, my voice tarnished

Never thought I’d feel this way again but here I am loved incorrectly

Unable, not allowed, grievances and scars in my junk drawer

Another loss, another human assured of their own perfection

Twisted love, sex heavy week, then razor comments, you and you alone

Her view the only worthy of action, mocking mine as air, I’m punching bag romance

So much to say but cannot, cardboard cutout is my position, absorb blows like nothing

Becoming the person she doesn’t want be, unheard, mistreated, abandoned

Therefore I’ve made plans to find equality with someone else capable of loving without wounds

Gunshot after shot to my heart hoping it’ll stop never to restart

What happened to us?

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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