Dear Disarray

Together we’ll find an exit hopefully with explanations

Given tests without any preparation

Forsaken before completing my holy abnegation

Shunned for pioneering, coloring outside of lines

I spit ignoring echoes in isolation with words escaping my mind they’re impatient

Dark days ahead yet silence will win when in the finale

I don’t talk enough but my poetry never ceases

Far from Reece still mind in candy bite-sized pieces

Introduction to a leaf’s voice among Fall

It all seems strange when I broadcast to y’all

Droplet falling from heavy clouds to replenish crops

Does rain wait for acceptance no it never stops

Therefore I search through crude communications for a container

For the moment freedom isn’t so scary leaving via my chosen method

Cup ready to receive my essence

Literary convalescence

Gotta choose a direction even if I second guess it

Boy oh boy mind definition of thoughts hectic

In need of an exit.


Chase horizons to be captured then return with pictures

Understand I’m elusive however nothing is conclusive

I’m your ugly artifact on a mantle

I’m your favorite shirt with just a few stains

Blessed pancakes without being asked on your birthday

Introvert smiling at newcomers by a holy archway

Laymen writer fighting mental disarray.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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