Broken Wheel On Sixth Street

Four feet shuffle through debris with strong feelings of unity, important during drastic bitterness burning hope away

Flustered and annoyed, movement continues although this life menu is unappreciated, no substitutions

Institutions with flawed beams, ran by individuals without compassion, foundations unstable so what happens when we try to build upon them?

Perhaps foolishly we looked to each other, drugs medicate while robbing our ambitions, playing basketball with broken wrists

That’s how I feel my life has gone, impossible regarding what exactly, I’m doubled minded, searched for stability couldn’t find it, glasses ineffective I’m still temporarily permanently blinded

Reminded whenever my lover and I have disagreements regarding all life being thin ice

Shut my feeling of importance up while we hold hands inching among dim street lights, false security.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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