Garbage Post: Get To It’s Your Fault Bridge

Eventually we’ll come across a reason to be used for your upcoming absence

Oh I see you’ve been working hard at finding one

It’s underneath actions and words splattered out so it’s no secret

Anything to say you’re misunderstood and unloved

Make love to pride while whispering how unique you are while oblivious to distorted perception

I’ve always felt second place here

Always felt your highest priorities are elsewhere


Can you tell when I fell from your grace

What night did you decide I’m uncaring

Casted as an enemy these days when I speak or when I’m silent

When we talk about it you roll your eyes away saying I do the same things while treating you the same way

Mocking my concerns like you’re afraid people will do to you

Comfort stage

As you learn assertiveness

Although you already left abruptly with ease filled with happiness to flee


Maybe I’m her mirror

She says I’m too callous

Rolling her eyes when I finally speak up

Says I’m too quiet

Frigid so I stop daydreaming out loud

And she’s unaware that we keep preaching our beliefs

To the co-pastor

Us two the only congregation while we preach

See we’re preaching yeah teaching lessons to ourselves

Concrete talking trash claiming to be feather light while drying us in place


Under so much pressure without any heavy lifting

I’m weighed down pretending to be light

Once cherished time ruled inadequate

While hourglasses laugh at our waste

Partners dissolved

And my once cherished tenderness is a joke to her after all we’ve been through

Teaching me it is impossible to meet her ever-changing requirements

Just as planned.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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