Refer To Reefer

Empty bags piled in a corner she’s asking again, why Mary Jane my friend

Mental disruptions barely able to function health care a joke, Zoloft helps but I also require smoke

For a few moments I’m higher than complaining, being defective doesn’t restrict, detaining

Regardless of logic-concrete, breathing day to day to me doesn’t complete circuits

Therapy costs limbs while half eight bags in a kiddie budget swims

Also lyrics pour out of me and for a time I feel closer, win.


Whenever I am having problems, my friend

I can refer to the reefer, and live

Because sometimes I’m so defeated, up I give


Obviously this isn’t a long term solution, plus poor people get put in detention, detaining institutions

My medication another bandaid but sanctioned, a business with cracks swallowing patients, freedom but a plant plants faces on pavement

Meanwhile liquor after work every day, beer and cocaine after two shifts reasoning gotta stay awake, coffee eyes never get a break

What happened, why does everyone’s hands shake

Creatively blues exposing life’s zeros, ones too.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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