Blind Allegiance Magnet

Couldn’t tell my mother praying ceased for me abruptly looked up found skies free

In this wallpaper and beyond great hall tightly filled with every religion gathered looking for answers

Greeted by one line instructions now find peace among yourself to finish

Would Hell be accepted first philosophy is the best fighting the worst

Hall monitors escorted by the book zealots mistaken folks ignored stuck in law-chains unable to see freedom rests in brains not in peace

Only I know is all is temporary plus men like dying without respecting it shrugging because death is necessary

Are we ignorant to flowers growing nutrients from former cases above our six feet wall of insignificance

But I couldn’t tell my mother

She was holding on and I supported her choice and she never demanded worship or blind allegiance

Guess I’ll see one day like she did.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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