Afternoon Is Coming Sooner For It

Poetry retrieved from trash cans notes placed sad faces I don’t understand underlined

Neither do I worn footsteps both directions in a single lane promising changes lying still

Sound figures ignored under my own score grade point horrible towards self feeling intolerable birth and slow breathing weed calibrating

I’m foolishly waiting for myself

Foolishly waiting for me.


Painting poetry trying translation clearer statements perhaps my insanity decrypted some say this means I’m gifted

Lifted above normal operations messy physical organized searching universe corners telling stories experiences blessed admittance

Surely my light can be read under your covers in darkest hours alone broken thoughts checked worth revived in self

Seeing a smaller being make it one life after another perhaps an extra movie world history either way you inspire me.


Open book reading performance however boring I’m never downstairs temporary things silly

Until a random touch or tease problems melt snow in an oven selected getting better sight perspective cleaned

Her held placed on my shoulders after a freestyle session glistening eyes pleased ears absent of fear.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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