Strawberry Peach Liquor

Inspiration in us

Shining across rooms bouncing always in hallways

Makes me think of better days to come

When I’m with you it’s different, this life

Than when I’m by myself, especially at night

Holding you so important sometimes I don’t because I don’t feel welcome

More problems from a flawed internal center

Still I know growth will only improve our bond ready indeed willing to work on

My lazy ass might put things off but loving you will never come second to anything, use all available energy

Broadcasts of memories played twenty four seven in my private theater sending blood to genitals

Compassion thought provoking invoking curiosity, a cutie sweet smart, we need help focusing

When we do results always better than expected, proud without any exaggerations

Tree of shade under a violent sun, cracking codes of human behavior, writing both our savior, Independence favorite flavor

Hidden gems buried deep in unknown places with regrettable faces, powerful personalities, trying escalators

Hire an investigator, find me consistent in my loving persistence in insistence of us, always ready to eat her for lunch

Smoking, drinking, thinking of why eyes appear brilliant upon caring glances, panties wet upon finger advances

Rod growing like a flower stalk, blooming, energetic exciting consuming


What are you thinking about after reading this?

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