Cutting Board Variety

Common knowledge of my worthlessness

You took a chance and look what’s happening, blaming me when shit crumbles

Fuck you heard in passing mumbles

High hopes on all sides crumbled stocks took a tumble

This how you make me feel sometimes when I’m weak

Silently processing words and tones, self esteem bleak

Avoiding poison at all costs, our mouths lined with acid while taking verbal shots mouths drop

All to defend ourselves beliefs or not.


Perfection impossible so what are willing to love and live with

Higher goals than a wounded dazed man, happy to start, unable to follow through failed plans without training wheels

Unsealed, weaknesses revealed, never missing a meal, far from genteel

However hands held if teaching with learning checked yes, private time for introspection can bring success, declutter physical yeah mental mess

Mysteries in inner workings, uncertain, feeling unnecessary, no orgasms, they receive me

Anyway accurately I’ll need two days, mind scanning alone, extinguishing every blaze

Here’s to new ways.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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