Scarce information regarding this widening silent distance
As I approach, gaps mutate, doubling confirmation investing is unwise
Encompassing insurance policies unavailable, nonexistent payout, squandered tries
These are catch twenty two situations of life
Worth understated, hearts disconnected, frayed wires mangled prematurely pulled plugs
Oxygen once shared contaminated, completely, with indifferent shrugs, absent hugs
Thick as a blizzard, restricting from sight, asking impatiently regarding a dying fire

Needs change, uninvited advances running full speed down jagged mountains, beauty crushing
Negligible presence in different rooms, housekeeping, sweeping up heart shavings
Craving intimacy receiving tolerance until an unknown flight date departure

Imagine being wanted then outdated without warning, released
Deceased within Heaven, arrival promptly at six, cast out by seven
Eleven days in drought, relief efforts absent, search party apathetic
Do not worry about it, I cannot get to you.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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