Eyelashes Of A God

Suitable simulation, demonstration of choice changing situations

Perfected isolation transmutes wants into useful internal information

Ending complacency rich pessimism sweetly deleting sections once weak

Perception tainted however redemption speaks awakening my soul formerly asleep

Cards dealt without options for folding, holding and strategy encouraged

I blamed humans and gods for nonsense self applied, odds one is in control of one

Simply changing flexible moments without cursing rain, harvesting it instead for studies


Maybe I will never leave orbit still poetry drives with broadcasts outwards, hands raised

Secretive aliens searched for in ourselves when we beat incredibly loud distractions

Our moments to spend, currency undervalued

Unappreciated until depletion, bankrupt, expecting direct deposits without sound investments

In conclusion I’m stripping importance away to gain a meaningful life

Lukewarm for years screaming good guys die first without realizing foolishness in such an outburst

Shall I answer to those with equal levels of authority or the queen, the king?

Crown on cutting nine inch nails done with a kingdom of dirt such fickle sands

Let a new reign begin.


Suitable situations
Perfected information
Ending weak
Perception asleep
Cards encouraged
I, one
Simply studies
Maybe raised
Secretive distractions
Our undervalued
Unappreciated investments
In life
Lukewarm outburst
Shall the king
Crown sands
Let a new reign begin
Beginning and end.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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