Nice Days In Filth

Being nice only gets life

Responses to evil asshats clap back

Echoes on a substantially bigger track

Fast paced deception improves reception

Talking shit absurd but gains followers

Unholy shit starting swallowers


Nice folks done between eyes

Stand up then tripped applause at tears

This entire world doesn’t run on Dunkin but fears

Abuse threats prison lost years

In court judged by those far from peers

Oh but our national god will help

They quote it while beating us all to death

Attempt to speak finding nothing left


Actually is it not amazing

They say either turn one way or the other while grazing

Blind while wolves destroy all blazing

Laughing while perjuring in every court

Being an asshole in North America most televised sport

Even spiritual books demanding obedience cohorts

Have a nice day.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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