Emptiness Of Wanting Attention

What conditions are necessary to be in dreams again

Previously unstoppable, highly desired

How does a lover’s face turn into boring news

How do we turn into ignored valuables unworthy of touch

Told asking for attention is too damn much

Kept for experiments in abandonment

Wiping tears away before resentment comes

A dish once treasured now no one wants.


Sunset scrolling down faces awaiting absent kisses

Words are so pretty but we know it isn’t real

Excuses made but in the beginning no reasons were needed

Oh have you ever felt left on a shelf covered in dirt

Sold to find no sale

Like dark clouds without payment

Cold hands in the dark.


Don’t beg

Don’t ask

You already know the answer

Attention pours into emptiness

Wanting attention causes stress

Best thing to do is get quality rest

Turn over remembering to keep some of yourself safe.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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