Garbage Community

Nameless but filled with numbers

Wonders yeah awe before I breathe blah

Focused on treasure instead of getting better

Disconnected currently under unruly weather

In quietness let me arrive at nirvana humbly

Presently awaiting abandonment towards my edge

Must restart as I’ve failed every single pledge

A better person past my irritations

Sorry Rebecca I was wondering how far your love would go

Sorry again but you know everyone has left no shows

Now I have a pill cocktail set for personal consumption tomorrow

Three jobs and maybe I can buy lotion for elbows

Become a robot calculations not slow

Stop searching for afterglow.


Back in the cave yes sir a start

Place my thoughts on a scale weighed in parts

Stupid me chasing art for freedom

Believed them until they changed like seasons

Seasoned past multiple rinses jumping mental fences

Instance after instance can I beat depression or die defenseless

Ideas for centuries still prove nothing bank account needs something

Around in a circle until we die another life stuck asking a muted sky why

After everything we’ve seen no such thing as dry eyes all broken.


Last afternoon before armageddon silent screams

Hey momma this isn’t what I dreamed while growing

Age on my organs showing still treated differently

Looking around like you did unable to find salvation like you didn’t

Mental prison breaks restricted prison planet torture inflicted

You can be gifted and still die under a bridge lost

Be a kind soul but unfortunately have your life tossed like garbage.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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