Reverse After Midnight Times

Couldn’t sleep, was waiting for a good time to quit

She yelled leaving was necessary to breathe

All I’ve ever wanted, someone to grow with during this spectacle

All she’s ever wanted is to be free somehow

While drifting between present and future, she left

Planned moments together, ended by myself

Absolutely clueless why I haven’t been acting the same

I can’t sleep, wondering if she’ll hit reverse after midnight again.


Blame isn’t coming from me, look how far down I’ve always been

Dismissing fights filled with struggles and pain, who would blame your footsteps away

Hell, she said end this torture there’s not enough strength to make it somewhere safe

While resting in bed sleeping soundly, fears of perfume scented goodbye notes raise my blood pressure

Are we a mistake

While I was drifting between our present and future, she left

Assured lights in the sky beamed brightly for our love, she whispered quitting made sense

Now I cannot go through a night without uncertainty making love to me slowly

She doesn’t see why my heart is failing in a backdrop of tear-stained leaves

Red lights in my quiet driveway, midnight isolation.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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