Color Our Water

So hard saying my arms are what you want

I, screamed to everyone

I, told everyone how much I loved you but no

Anxiety and embarrassment win every time

Make me feel foolish when I show care, you just lay there saying yeah, tell me how I should feel better

Whenever things are hard you choose flight plus discard, abandoning our cards, do you listen to yourself I’m trying, love in my heart dying

Vagina opposite of wet, status dry or drying, for your pet you’ll fight forever but regarding me nothing now I know better

She’s all out of love missing correct letters

But I, I jumped too soon, still prove me wrong.


Color our water black

Can’t see anything, don’t know how deep we can go

Color our water red

Cut off and disconnected or is it just in my head.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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