Active Defenses

We always like making things complicated

Resentment comes along with our frustrations

I am fine reading stories or talking deeply

Writing poetry or listening to music until we’re sleepy

Setting goals for the future but you’re far from me

You have all day to have fun and relax

While I work hard thinking about another job to stack stacks

Being around me is boring you say from your chair

Bills pile up and this is going nowhere

Oh it’s plain I’m not in your top three

See I distanced myself for protection

I’m ready to commit while you are second guessing

Love is minefield is the painful lesson.


I bet you think I just want your body

Probably tell your friends I only smile when we have sex

Told you from the start I want the whole package yes

Came so close to telling you we’re over

Responsibilities don’t give a fuck about our hearts turning colder

And I know my time is running out sooner than you know

Are tragedies the only catalyst to see importance?

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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