Choice Thread

Front line answers, moments to prove tough sounding words

Tables turn,  maps once sturdy rip only fit to be burned

So are promises without strength, follow through unintended

Disappointment over priorities, weaknesses categorized as overextended

Dented soft hearts refusing to restart impossible flatline feelings off charts

Just in our minds, in our heads, program running, named anxiety dread thread

Simply if we all die tomorrow do you want to be in bed before we’re cleared, most likely smeared in this temporary place?


Hidden expiration dates, so I get annoyed when I hear we should wait

Oppurtunities to be free away from old city streets, fresh start but my problems are really me

Perfection will never come, so I laugh at us both when we forget and run

Just in our minds, figuring equations, checking then verifying sums under mysterious suns

In this temporary place.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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