Assumptions Navigate

Told today I should die young because it’s leaving when things are manageable

Loving people who lie while smiling, tell me who is really weak

Giving all and yeah it’s not enough but damn we’re evolving

Too late, we’re don’t have much in common so she’s on hidden trips

Obvious signs hung carefully around the house

Don’t want my touch or time with fresh excuses oh I’ve seen this before.

Elsewhere, always elsewhere even while she’s here

Roots never caught growing correctly anywhere

Dismayed whenever she looks into my eyes

She thinks being with me is the opposite of paradise

Desolate garden with my heart on display, renounced.

One way ticket bought in advance

No warning, fuck a second chance

Apathy kisses

She thinks of how I fail her more each day

Destroyed, gonna find a new place to stay.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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