So I Do Need Help

Thought I would do this fight alone

Always do

Perhaps I’ve been lying to myself

I feel like such a damn fool


Been so angry at little things

Finally I see why

Sweetie I thought I’d do this fight alone like I always do and perhaps I’ve been lying

Exactly, yeah I’ve been lying to you and myself

I do need some help


Told myself lies of being strong after falling over the same branch three times

Stubborn jackass pushing everyone away because I’ve been messing up and I’m embarrassed

I just saw what I’ve been doing so shame filled tears will be falling all week long


Almost wrecked everything into my excuse pit

Refusal to admit the issue was kicking my ass under the ground

Anyway, go ahead and shake your head and look at me like I’m a loser

Hell maybe I am

Still, change regardless of what happens

But I could use your help.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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