Ride A Carolina Street

Tea and shade out on wooden porches

Not too far away from Nazis with torches

Southern heat racism and churches scorchers all summer long

Biscuits and gravy while judges do us wrong

I would smoke marijuana to cope

Went into my bank for twenty more dollars smelling above my coat

Zoloft and weed helped me avoid the end of a rope

Life is strange and people deranged

No one using turn signals cutting in lanes

Anyway my recovery on a path to be influential

Bringing poetry from the streets of South Carolina into your mental

Praise god but gods don’t pay medical or dental

Vision once used makes all of this simple

Golden rule followers get very important person invites to peaceful temples

Back roads with meth

Weed sold by all races because all races need checks

Scratch that itch cash or leave fast yes swift

Friday after work drugs or liquor

Southern hospitality translates into fuck you nig… Confederate suits.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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