Absent Today And Tomorrow

Usually I stay and laugh making funny faces but today I’m absent checking home plus other bases

Pain erased but scars visible varied cases gas pressure applied giving me distance opinions tasteless

Guess I’m off to the races seeing hopes and fears battle for my attention swear in this simulation all I earn are honorable mentions

I am content a pressure releasing vent hours in thought always well spent don’t know my previous location but I was sent give it up like lent

Physically here but know I’m gone blood pressure rising because money over life is wrong though opposition denies it strong

I’m absent.

I’m absent.


South Carolina my touchdown North Carolina was my choice but I want legal weed now somehow thinking west coast

Post a selfie without filters always sunny days actually rainy ones convince me to stay work hard harder play

Please excuse me for my disappearance I hit my head failed clearance currently experiencing interference

Maybe one night we’ll smoke under the moon soon to be a part of this planet even through its impending doom

I promise no more animated reactions cartoon such a silly loon looks good then bursts bubbles bonus balloons

Be back next week if I can get away from her sheets sexy way she lays sounds of the queef.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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