Deal For Bold Wings

Updated facial expressions caressing and I get lost

Forget nervous places to walk freely in nature stills

Bring me closer to my moment of clarity

I desire enlightenment come see

Come, see

Self control, self discipline


Always control

We create it somewhere

I want mine in you

My control if I treat you the way I want to be loved

So your control will be in me treated right respected we’re connected

No games

No tricks

Just love.

Trade insecurities for care, joy, and smiles they always wear

Declare regardless regarding prayer, to look up and not stare at the ground

Always abound find yourself, be found in construction positive steps

Pen, paper included, checking right and left

Why ask externally when inside insight can be a good source too

Go ahead yeah flow through like my river of poetry

No tricks

No hate

Want to be a good man regardless of heavenly gates I wait without attitude in my responses universe is my sponsor.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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