The File Behind Other Files

Go ahead and read my worst days

Feel free to read accounts of my bad times

Dealing with torment in a greed driven world

Symptoms are profitable so here’s another bandage

We’ll see you soon

Tired of the pharmacy game

Blame without resolutions.


I’m, untangling fallacies

Learning adjustments in what I’ve processed versus what I’ve seen

Washing my mind looking for ways to stay clean

Fighting a still voice inside whispering screaming nightmares

The file behind other files labeled do I dare to live.


Responsibility all mine

Mind defiled with the brutal mind- sweeper mines

Abandoned but no we are all alone

Nothing special regarding suffering

But my scars are important until I found they are not

Life is a stream an interesting dream

Everything and nothing at all in the main scheme

A pill to stay on course.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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