Southern Church Spam

Asked for help.

A silent response.

Hey, brothers and sisters, your love doesn’t apply to me.

Know where you live and understand.

I see your god doesn’t care.

Churches separated by color.

A god for lighter skin no others.

Oh being an atheist ain’t so hard.

When his house discards and disregards many children.


Sunday service packed in fine attire and goods,

Newest vehicles oh new gold offering plates,

Safe room for withheld riches while preaching for more tithing seeds,

Neighborhood residents blood bleeds to the front door.


As much as you do to one of these, nevermind.

Golden rule changed to blackout blinds.

Bright lights indoors.

Outside ignored.

Tell me again while I bleed out of your god’s mercy.

Explain how murder, hate, and greed brings us closer.


In your moment of need.

I pray your god responds the same way you did to me.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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