No, asking you to stay won’t happen anymore.

My tears are furious I’ve let you see my weakness and you used me.


Everyone sees how much I love you except you.

Work an annoying job but when it’s quitting it’s nothing, my focus changes.

To seeing you.


Oh, I get your reasons for being away,

Your love isn’t strong enough to stay,

I’m a fool if I beg and ask you to treat me like I treat you.


I’m not going to beg for significance.

I refuse to kneel, asking if I’m good enough to be worth fighting for.


Climbing out of love from you, slowly.

Seeing I deserve better because of your failure to know me, I’m almost lonely.

If necessary I’ll die for you but most importantly, I’ll live for us too.

Only thing I will not do, beg you to stay anymore.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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