Appearance Lamp

Greater parts than first believed

More important than messages received

Greater purpose than one zero

Unimpressed with presented heros

Calculating exposing weaknesses in their dominance

Of course it starts with discernment context clues intelligence prominent

Sewer suits always something running below

Posioned frozen water presented as pretty snow

Our century is titled how low can we go until no

Abuse the system in plain sight only to call innocent citizens foes.

Appearances of destruction blatantly accepted

Intercepted communications umbrella cooperation resurrected

Resident evil resides in positions of power untested

The moment they’ve been waiting for unveiled unsurprisingly Nazis resurrected

American soil souless unless money can be injected lobbied elected no god connected

Pulpits exposed as fundraising for general population hazing

Another day in a land with confederate flags waving.

Humans are interesting racing to extinction full speed

Killing themselves laughing whenever humanity grieves

Black hole for weak minds unwilling to innovate

Hate is the key to regret gate

And it happens in the end when it’s too late.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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