Third Lever

Stand back,

As I pull this third lever to step away,

Don’t be offended during my absence,

I was just a prop anyway,

We’re not special or advanced,

You drag me and I drag you places we don’t want to go,

Do we do things we don’t want to,

Fuck I’ll pretend so we’ll get along,

Don’t want to explain why I should be myself,

However I’m curious why silence and separation haunt you.


Make me go.

Make me stay.

Tell me I’m free to be myself, then cry when I am.

Show me I’m free to be who you want me to be.


Break ups to see we can separate and still be close,

Popcorn intense watching my fears arise with smiles,

There’s always sacrifice with humans,

Be free means be free under my shoes,

Smile when you follow.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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