Back Of Class

Good grades don’t matter if your hands up don’t

This is our sandbox to improve or pass days kicking rocks

Back of the class smart but still feel completely lost

Erasers then government sanctioned murders as chasers

History books await my deletion guess it’s a return to nazi season

By the same mother fuckers claiming peace and love for all

Untied we stand unless it’s one of y’all

Home of the brave so strong terrorists are made and cheered here foreshadowing our fall

God’s country

Same one calling people of color anything other than human fucking monkeys

Color of our skins aren’t value markers don’t be ashamed or proud what your parents’ dice roll offered

If any gods exist you think you’ll get a gold star for the hue it gave ignoring the other hues assuming them slaves

This god and love business is secretly an enemy’s parade

Say love with one hand while slicing freedom clean sharp razors.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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