Morning Commute

Orange juice then ride
Early morning bullshit
To stay alive

Feeling half asleep
One eye sneaking down
Until I remember where I’m heading out

Her place
Her eyes waiting
Her interactions
Her satisfaction
Her just her

The man she left was unaware
Women have hearts and just don’t bare
Show to anyone
While he forgot about her love
Days transformed into years until she soared

She was afraid of me at first
Thinking she wouldn’t be good enough
Like I wouldn’t think and see
Butterflies every time we’d meet
Putting everything on the line
Open minded no games who has the time

So when I go to
Her place I’m in a good mood
Even in a bad mood
It changes when our eyes meet
When she speaks my faults are weak

Her place
Her eyes
Her sexuality
Her mind

Her voice
Her choices
Her independence
Her excitement whenever eat
Her and I under sheets

Two biscuits
Two waters
Two people heading out
Off to somewhere we can use our tongues to erase our doubts.

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