Death Cry

When you realize

You’ve been talking to yourself every night.

Eyes low

I guess now I know that it’s time to go under.

No one is going to give an award to me for being a victim

Nor should they as I have to find my way six feet down.

My wants are just distractions and worthless.

They don’t have a single purpose.


Outside of my head


I might as well be dead, same effect.

Instead of drowning in tears and regrets I’ve been digging.

Instead of screaming out for help I’ve been digging a well.

To draw, waters of silence when I want to speak now I

Should take the opportunity to fade.

Stop chasing unseen things

They don’t help me navigate my wrecks.

I’m next.

Tired of riding around town broke

Tired of looking around town at people so damn close

My life is inside out and I can’t seem to cope

Medicated to keep my heart unexposed.

Lights off and cold

Remind yourself being alone is natural yeah

Remind yourself being alone is what happens yeah

Suffering is the sunshine day in and out

Talking to yourself until even you express doubt.

Walk away

I should just walk away as if I never existed.

Walk away and be silent like all my heroes are to me

Walk away and be a person no one care to ever see

Keep my secrets of the world inside and let the world figure them out, alone

Turn into stone.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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