I know I am not the man you thought

Chasing after you and I should have withheld my heart

You just wanted to be friends and I should have said

Cool but I can’t allow you to be my best friend

How can I stare into your green eyes and pretend I’m fine

Like I don’t want to lay down with you stroking your hair all night

You probably thought I was just after sexual lusts

I wanted to dive into your mind and stay covered up

I felt the warning signs but I saw your beauty

Your intelligence caught me off guard and moved me

Now as you have forgotten how I stared into your face

Chances walked away fast running now there’s no more space

Ties unconnected and I fully understand

I’m too old too strange too much for someone to accept this way

Even my current connection doesn’t understand

I give everything out but it’s dense so people scram

If I could do it over I wouldn’t have said a word

You’re satisfied with acquaintance and I was hoping for the burbs

Feel me inside your thoughts

Take what I said and analyze it apart

I already know the time has came and gone

The window for us closed right before the storm

As our connection fades I’ll carry on

A year from today I probably won’t know your warmth

This is how it goes everywhere and with everyone

You taught me to be silent and stay partially numb

Conversations between us were just me talking first

Too busy to message me yet I was thirsty for much

Days you didn’t say anything but swear I was on your head

If it was like me you would have fell into the red

Thank you for saving me from needing love

After speaking to you I rather go all alone

You were good to me and are still nice

I’m just a man who can’t pretend you caught my eyes

Sand from the hourglass falls and I’m a ghost

No longer reaching out chasing I get you don’t want to know my voice


How can I lie to you saying I’m fine, outside your mind

You’ll see it plainly on my heart, so I’ll rip it apart

To remove the pieces I gave to you even if it’s wrong, I must move on

Can’t be just a friend to you until I lose your charms and become numb

So when you look at me a part is gone and I won’t hold on.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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