The Reason Why There is a Church on every Corner

So you’ve decided to hate
Thinking being an asshole gonna get you past the gate
Look I just can’t wait to see your reflection behind the glass
Floating in outer space reference Superman flipping and turning fast
It’s so funny how you watch movies cheering for the hero
Then go outside and mimic the villain becoming less than zero
You say your God made all things but when you see another race here comes the complaints
Burning crosses in yards in holy names thinking your God applauds sinister things
I guess mercy is all good and all great when you approve of the recipient
Fucking ridiculous and when I feel weak in my atheism
I just look to comments from believers you really should carefully listen
Swearing gods of love exist but can’t love me either because of my skin color or my choice
To separate myself from the line many follow without a voice
And all I have to do to see the truth is disagree and fail to be religious too and oh no
The truth comes out like the family that through Mr. Bridegroom’s partner out
Thinking hating is what treating others like you wish to be treated is all about

If heaven is real how the hell do you expect to make it
Hating on people who have different colored faces
Hating on people because they are homosexual
Saying your God does so fuck humanity and you drool thinking about them burning in hell
Your message is love but it’s obvious I can tell that you’re lying
People expose the truth when you question why they do the things they do
Do you believe your God is so great that your blind obedience is to be rewarded as positive faith
Your parents screwed that ass up telling lies and fables
Easter bunny tooth fairy Santa Claus it’s not stable
They started you off with tall tales and you can’t detect the greatest one of all you fail
Some of you still believe in Santa but buy presents anyway
Because it’s about the spirit right plus the marketing holiday
We’re scared to die so we make things up because it’s sad drinking out of reality’s cup

Ready to kill in the name of your peaceful God
Spilling blood isn’t odd if it’s for the mission Just go ask the opinion of a violated Indian
Cursing the day they agreed to listen to the Christians
Ask how does it feel and your body might come up missing
Slaves banned from obtaining education
Ignorance is easier ground to plant damnation
Greydon Square said there’s a reason they teach to you when you’re young
Because adults asking for evidence isn’t fun How many of us have to die and be sacrificed
To invisible gods until we play nice
Right now the pioneers are trying hard
To get you to question what’s buried in the yard
Tainting the ground that you eat from
Locking your mind and your eardrums
There’s a reason you’re not allowed to question
You might just discover the real intended direction
From the beginning the plan was to hate all women
They gave Eve the blame and yall still stuck in prison
Taking away your rights and we all know who’s next
Minorities because history repeats itself
So while I can still be free and breathe
I urge you to think about why they prefer you on your knees

Before they hang us all from trees
I urge you to think about why they prefer you on your knees.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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