No Words For Us

Angry and confused she walked out laughing
Glad that our breakup appeared and finally happened
At least for a time she felt so free
Deleting my dick pics and texts dramatically
Like I was the one who disconnected her peace
All I wanted to do is be friendly and reach
Her imagination calling each other late for audio masturbation
Without hesitation I’d cum on demand
She called me her digital lover states away from her land
But when she closed her eyes I became the fingers on her hand
Late night private messages of escaping to sands
Beach with our emotions tide in and out
One day she stated the arrival of doubts You’ll never come and see me in person Fucked up my heart which was already hurting
Her departure already lurking we ended
Apologies and regrets blended with silence
Affection came and gone violent silence

No more words

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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