One Night Stand Fallen

The darkest night threatens to overtake day’s light.
It comes onto the heart and drains inspiration.
Regardless of intelligence it inflicts damage crippling positive movement.
Tears become thick trails of regrets,
Sadness fornicates with negativity and suddenly sight dims.

Gasps for air become harder,
Gravity increases internally and externally.
Accomplishments deleted or damaged beyond repair,
Being touched causes repulsion,
Do not look at me.

Mistakes mount and bottleneck during the thought process.
Relevance diminishes and isolation completes its occupation.
Showers are no longer effective as the tar simply refuses to come off,
The tar simply refuses to be washed away.

A beautiful obese woman begins to sing a Siren Song,
Seductive and slow, personal and filled with emotion.
Reasons to fight diminish quickly, silently.
Her eyes make love and her smile arouses.
A one night stand that no one survives.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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