“Before She Leaps”

If she wants to leap

I want her to remember

My arms desire her

No need to leave

Even if the whole world hates her I will not


Just look at her hair

Her eyes define beauty

The hidden smile she has

Are all I need


I will not throw away her love

I will not throw her away at all

Blood is thicker than water yeah right

Let my kind words reveal loving nights

Even though those who claimed to stay departed

Don’t label me as them Heather

See once we get to know each other

Your loneliness will be torn asunder


Wake up and be refreshed

By the eyes you’ve been dreaming of and next

Let time prove my promises as true

Forget those glad to break the rules of your heart


Don’t go leaving this world ashamed

I promise your love won’t fall lame

Here I am trying to save you from the end

Who better than someone experienced

With the voices of denial and self-hate

Please don’t listen to them or participate

I await your touch and even more

Refrain from giving in to the darkness whore


What are you thinking about after reading this?

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