“Neck High”

Staying down under these waters is attractive

Especially when I’m tired of fighting to swim

I’ve shed all the skins that others wanted, to remove myself farther from them

As I accept the temperature of the cage I’m captured in, lights start to dim

People think I’m cruel and arrogant but I’m thinking within

It amazes me how my fellow damaged humans reject me with a grin

We’re all trying to make it to shore but some don’t want others to find land

Regardless of what is felt about me, my choices are all mine to understand


Face slipping slowly below the scene, I’m in trouble now

Everything I attempt becomes disabled and fizzles out

I know some of the changes that I should make but I’m stuck on one track

Yeah I’m smarter than hoping for someone to come and save, me from my death

Hours are spent wondering if I have anything left to hold


So tired of losing hour after hour

Trying to reclaim them or stop the loss of power

Today is another day and I’m thinking about yesterday and tomorrow

Stuck in the mud of failure to bloom my flower is dead

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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