“Bursting Outburst”

I guess you know me through your perfect eyes

Tearing me down like the castle you’ve been constructing

Over and over on sand your kingdom comes to zilch

Always being overrun by waves of emotion

How many fists have you raised at me privately

Like I am the one bringing in your grief

Crushing your plans somehow even though I don’t know them

Running you off the road when you just want to go home

Who do you think I am

Who do you think I am

Just one side of the picture is out in stands

I’m not the ocean here filled with deep fears below

Just so you will know

Just so you know


I should own everything including another’s brain

Like I am blaming someone else for my pain

Words and lines saying how I feel wrapped up again

You read but don’t listen

You read but don’t listen

You got it all together no pieces are missing but some are very far low

Just so you know


It is amazing when someone bleeds onto the picture of another

Unable to see the differences of where they came from

Screaming YOU DON’T KNOW ME while claiming to know someone else

I wouldn’t even make such a claim when everything was always bottled up

We gave pieces never all because we knew too much was on the line

Now you come back at me like I write everything about you all the time

As if nothing else goes on in my life now and was before

I see now a few reasons tears crashed on floors


Who is to blame

Sorry I don’t play those games

I own my own shame

Never called out any names

And I haven’t told you the best of myself

I knew one day it would be robbed look and perceive

Taking my pictures down cussing at me

Always without coming to me first to get the point

Always storming away without coming to me first

Your anger thirsts

Your angry outbursts

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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