“Without Stopping For Anyone”

Left to dream of better places

There seems to be a lack of them now

As I stay inside of my head to find peace

This world outside isn’t needed

Should I be scared of my transition

Promises have become a prison

Should I stay awake and endure it or

Should I go to sleep and forget it all

Hour after hour I wait to discover something better

Only to end up with nothing but sad letters to send


Here I go

Waiting for a happy ending that doesn’t happen for me

Too many things pass by for me to sleep

All I have are my words and I doubt at times they work here I go


Chasing moments that don’t exist

Arms that don’t receive only resist

Words that sound pretty but mean nothing to me

Sure you care love

Until I wear off all of your patience

Complicating your statements and plans

I cannot help it believe me I try to be better but somehow

I crash without brakes

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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